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Organisational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

The Organisational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool (ORSAT) is designed to improve an organisation’s readiness to successfully apply for funding or finance opportunities in the community housing sector. It can be used by community housing organisations to help them assess their current capacity and identify any gaps that they can then respond to before applying for funding or financing opportunities. ORSAT helps identify gaps in your organisation. Building capacity in an organisation does not happen through a single assessment, but ORSAT can help you identify the foundation you require and a pathway to improvement.


Organisation: CHIA Victoria

Cost: Free

Renter Voice - Supporting a model of service delivery that puts renters at the centre

CHIA Vic has developed resources to support the community housing sector in implementing and expanding Renter Voice in their organisation. Renter Voice is the term given to the conversations (verbal and written) between renters, their household members and the Community Housing Organisation (CHO) about their housing and what might make things run more smoothly and efficiently. Renter Voice in Community Housing means that:

  • Renters feel confident and safe in providing their views, feedback and lived experiences on all aspects of their housing, at any time, including – but not only – when these are asked for by the CHO.
  • Renters are advised up front why their views are sought, and are valued, but also why they might not always be acted on.
  • Their views are heard and reflected on by the CHO in considering how to deliver and improve housing.
  • Their views are acted on as much as possible, and consistent with the legal and financial obligations of the CHO, in planning, designing, and delivering housing services.
  • The organisation is accountable to, and reports back to, renters on how their views and feedback have been considered, acted on and have been used to influence changes to housing services; and where their views have not been acted on, the reasons are provided to them in a timely way.

The resources below will provide CHOs, including those with established Renter Voice structures in place, with the opportunity and the tools for self-assessment; and to continually improve the understanding of renter priorities and needs and use this understanding to deliver more and better services. You can download the ‘Renter Voice Toolkit’ through the supplied link.


Organisation: CHIA Victoria

Cost: Free

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